"I'm on a mission. I'm obsessed with making records I'm genuinely proud of!"”

— Lexisugar


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Sleeping Bag Studios "The Journey" – EP Review 

If you watch “The Story Of ‘The Journey’” and check out the tale behind LexiSugar’s new EP, The Journey, you’ll not only get excellent details on what went into the record, but also insight into the man himself.  LexiSugar, aka Alexander Akpan-Ita, was born in Nigeria – to break “The Story Of ‘The Journey’” down for you quickly to catch us all up, it showcases the humble nature of a man that has always had a strong connection to music and desire to entertain.  He’s come a long, long way to create his debut and The Journey EP will go on to detail much of what he’s been through and experienced in pursuit of his dreams along the way.  A highly gifted producer & musician that clearly knows his way around on both sides of the studio boards, he also recorded his own vocals for the first time on the songs from The Journey…which became a personal reflection on life & love that took real courage and commitment to make.  The man sure knows how to create a smooth sound – that much becomes clear immediately.