"I'm on a mission...I'm obsessed with making records that I'm genuinely proud of!..."


Broken Keys Still Play

Life is so full of humor Some times you get it, other times it gets you Guts you and leaves you writhing on the floor   As you lay there, the days become long Memories come and go like an...

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Don’t be glorified by your sweat before you see results!

Many times life gives us what we do not deserve. It might be unfortunate to encounter trials that you did not bargain for. However in the midst of these happenings in this wicked world, one has to squeeze those ‘lemons’...

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In this year 2020, I Jumped!

While it may have been an enormously beautiful year 2020 for some, many are in agony about where they find themselves today. It was a year filled with deaths, promotions, demotions, loss of every kind, tears and sorry, joy and...

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