Broken Keys Still Play

By Ita Akpan-Ita

Life is so full of humor

Some times you get it, other times it gets you

Guts you

and leaves you writhing on the floor


As you lay there, the days become long

Memories come and go like an old song

To find focus you must calm the sea

Hear the melodies, feel the beat


Its faint, so you question it

You could never make sounds so surreal

Strong strides that cause big tides

Maybe you should just cower and hide


But listen, Fear not

Be anxious for nothing

Do not dismay

Indeed, your broken keys still play


From noisy symphonies

To jagged tunes

Even to this day

Broken keys still play


Enjoy the new melodies

Embrace your new sounds

It’s always been you

Own it and be proud.



- Imaobong Akpan-Ita

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Don’t be glorified by your sweat before you see results!

By Ita Akpan-Ita

Many times life gives us what we do not deserve. It might be unfortunate to encounter trials that you did not bargain for. However in the midst of these happenings in this wicked world, one has to squeeze those ‘lemons’ smartly to get some right-tasting lemon juice. What do I mean?


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In this year 2020, I Jumped!

By Ita Akpan-Ita

While it may have been an enormously beautiful year 2020 for some, many are in agony about where they find themselves today. It was a year filled with deaths, promotions, demotions, loss of every kind, tears and sorry, joy and laughter, brilliance and disgust, failed governments and commendable ones, etc. It was a year for deep rooted change; where many had time to sit and think.

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The Twitter Mixtape

By Ita Akpan-Ita

  • Lexisugar's "Reach The Stars" Features on #TheTwitterMixtape

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