"I'm on a mission. I'm obsessed with making records I'm genuinely proud of!"”

— Lexisugar

ba mi jo

better than you


overload ft. mojeed

After releasing his debut project 'The Journey' this year, Lexisugar chooses to end the year with a blast, featuring Nigerian based rapper 'Mojeed' (aka Mr Jagaban) who also recently released his E.P. 'in search on higher frequencies'. They went in on this! 

#overload #iamlexisugar #mojeed


With his versatility eager to take center stage, LexiSugar’s The Journey, finds the multi-talented musician/producer and his audience hypothetically traversing the artist’s life with a distinct focus on love. A jazz inspired, smooth groove anchored by his signature bass guitar, a full voice laced with lyrics in Yoruba, featuring great acts like House Studio’s Manny Wellz, Nigerian based soul singer Isaac Gerarlds, etc, The Journey is a melodious walk through love with detours the likes of triumph, trepidation, trust, and tremble.

“The Journey” is going to grab your attention

Currently there are many names bigger than Lexisugar when it comes to R&B and Soul mass acclamation. This may be because the Nigerian born record producer, audio engineer, musician, singer, songwriter, music consultant and owner of LexiSugar music group, has been working behind the lines, creating instrumentals and soundtracks for artists, movies and TV shows, as well as mixing and mastering records for various clients. It may be that he has had a better handle on staying out of the news than most of his peers, because he is certainly better at his job than most. However ... Read More

“The Journey” – virtuosity and versatility on either side of the board

It’s easy to see that a lot of care went into the making of this album. Lexisugar also collaborated with acts like House Studio’s Manny Wellz, Nigerian based soul singer Isaac Gerarlds, as well as T.Nayah, Jisola and Todi to bring more variety and depth to the recording. Along the way he has concocted a jazz-inspired sound that is extravagant without feeling over... Read More


'HOW I FEEL' ft. t.nayah

Island Vibes: LexiSugar and Cameroonian Singer Tnayah Drop ‘How I Feel’
Nigerian-born LexiSugar has made quite a name for himself, establishing a presence creating sounds for artists, movies and TV shows–and, running the gambit: from recording and audio engineering to performing and musical consulting. Some of his clients include renowned artists like Falz, Seyi Shay, Tiwa Savage, Atemi, and ... Read More


Lexisugar releases 'YOU' with Kenyan Star Singer

'You' is a love song written and performed by Kenyan Afro-soul artist - Atemi Oyungu, which premiered 7th, November 2016 on Capital FM 98.4 in Kenya. It is a neo-soul song centered on lost love with a lovely blend of swahili and English that will make you fall in love over and over again!  

Written by Atemi Oyungu & Lexisugar  
Produced by Lexisugar Music

'One Minute' by Lexisugar gets a stirring review by Jamsphere.
The 'One Minute' song by Lexisugar was released 14th February, 2016 and since then has received numerous positive remarks and reviews from fans and co-music lovers. One of these rousing reviews of 'One Minute' we cannot ignore is a recent review by Jamsphere stating that, 'One Minute is an innate sensitivity that shines through, through the musical stylings'. The writer goes further to explain that, 'One Minute' definitely showcases Lexisugar’s musical roots, sensitivity and most importantly his talent.
Read full review here

Nigeria, stand up! @lexi_sugar’s “Reach The Stars” is a standout on @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape
A Maryland transplant with Nigerian soul, @Lexi_Sugar, provided “Reach The Stars” for #TheTwitterMixtape. If you listen to most albums, you save the most uplifting, inspiring song for last, and inspiration is exactly what Lexi brings to the project. Relaxed vocals and calming production encourage the listener to never give up on what means most to them, so maybe we should all take heed. Check out @Lexi_Sugar’s interview here...


Indaba Music site, known as a small community for over one million emerging musicians to contribute original songs, covers and remixes organized a search to unveil the best original Afrobeat song worldwide. The search kickstarted 13th August 2015 and on 17th September 2015, music maestro and producer Lexisugar emerged as one of the top five winners off several participants from different countries worldwide, for his hit song, "Story Teller" featuring Nigerian actor, singer and "Marry Me" crooner, Falz.  

As we all know, Afrobeat legends such as Fela Kuti and Femi Kuti and the rest have left bigger shoes to fill and it is not much of a surprise that Nigeria's very own hit music maker Lexisugar came tops in the selection. Kudos!

'Business Into Pleasure'

A blend of afrocentric and western fusion elements; fusion of the rhythmic Afro beat music with a pop feel...let's call it 'Afro-fusion' or better still 'Afro-Pop'. 

Afro-PopDrummer - Papylulu

Produced by Lexisugar

'Reach the stars' ft. hameed & t.nayah


'story teller' ft. falz

Nigeria’s Talented up and coming Producer & Audio Engineer “LexiSugar” drops his second single this year “Story Teller”, just two months after releasing his debut single “All My Love”, which had very good positive feedback from many home and abroad. The US based Producer featured Nigeria’s Trending Talent “Falz a.k.a. TheBahdGuy”. This is definitely one for the Naija Fans! 

This one is titled Story Teller featuring Falz by LexiSugar



As artists, we are tasked with writing, and speaking of the things that no one else will mention. We are given this platform to open honest dialogues with our communities about the things that prevent us from growing. T.Nayah as an artist seeks to do just this with her new single titled Peace Song produced by the multi-talented producer LexiSugar. Months removed from her debut single titled African Man, which got her nominated for the African Entertainment Awards and the NEGA Awards (Next Generation Awards), T.Nayah is read more


Written and Co-written by Tari Nosika and Alexander Akpan-Ita, "All My Love" is a piece that expresses the depth of a man's Love for a woman. With its soulful sound and a little touch of pop guitars, it has been created help listeners value LOVE. 

Written by Tari Nosika & Alexander Akpan-Ita 
Guitars - Garett Gleason 
Trumpet - Jumbo Ane 
Female Vocals - Elizabeth Falade