Intro (She's Gone)

Intro (She's Gone)

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With his versatility eager to take center stage, LexiSugar’s The Journey, finds the multi-talented musician/producer and his audience hypothetically traversing the artist’s life with a distinct focus on love. A jazz inspired, smooth groove anchored by his signature bass guitar, a full voice laced with lyrics in Yoruba, featuring great acts like House Studio’s Manny Wellz, Nigerian based soul singer Isaac Gerarlds, etc, The Journey is a melodious walk through love with detours the likes of triumph, trepidation, trust, and tremble.

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This one is called 'Into (She's Gone)'.

Released by: Lexisugar Music Inc.

Album release date: 21 June 2017




Well Its just my journey so far…

So she was ready to travel the distance, and I got so much persistence in me
I swerved that curve, she hit the express
We made that bend, now we're no longer friends…
We were plotting, aiming for big things, big plans as well, getting stuck in the sequence Even though I played my Part, even though she played hers too
We made the bend, now we're no longer friends, just no longer friends…
After all the work, you know it happens like that sometimes…
I'm still here, I mean I want to be here, I've found my reason to be here, I'm ready

I've found my reason to be here

But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!
But She's Gone!

Where you dey o