1. All My Love
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She's my high when I'm low
she's the food for my soul
my inspiration and my muse
she's the option that I choose
she's my Queen she's my love
and I believe she's the one
she's one in a million
she shines brighter than the sun

Giving all my love to you
The feeling in my heart is true
I cannot lie

She's the star in my night
when it's dark she's my light
she's the melody I sing
and I will give her anything
she's an angel she's my heart
my monalisa, she's a work of art
she brings warmth into my life
and she makes me feel so alive

Giving all my love to you ...

Baby when it's cold outside
I will stay with you
Through the darkest nights
I'll be there with you
Life could be bad, but life won't be hard
just might not go exactly how we planned
but through it all I'l always love you ...